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Tel.: 773-802-8167
Email: soulpathstudio@gmail.com
1038 N Damen Ave,
Chicago, IL 60622
United States of America
Soul Path Studio is located in the near northwest side of Chicago in Ukranian Village/Wicker Park. 

We offer a variety of classes on meditation, energy work, body work, and all-around wellness. 

Our space is also available to host your own events and/or practice.

Questions? Thoughts? Inquiries? Experiences? Collaborations?
Share with us! =)

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M e e t  T h e  P r a c t i t i o n e r s
Shelley Radja, CMP
I have studied under world famous Kung Fu Master Teacher/Healer Dr Kam Yuen since September 2001, learning his method of Energetic Healing which uses the body's own healing system to help correct & heal weaknesses, fears & blocks that can lead to dis-ease in the body. This non-touch, non-invasive technique locates & removes blocks in 6 different levels of your energy body; aligning & supporting your conscious desires by clearing the subconscious fears & barriers that are keeping you from realizing your goals in life.  
These can be: general health, financial, romantic, career, etc.  
 I have a 40-year background working in the medical field which is a great asset to this method.
I also developed a modality I call 'Active Spiritual Re-Alignment'; which clears blocks & Karma between you & family/friends/co-workers that may have been carried forward in your DNA for many generations. 
I offer private sessions for energy work, which are tailored to each individual's needs.    
Certified Master Practitioner & Co-Founder
  I can't begin to thank you enough, I really am feeling better. It is truly incredible. I am not sure how it works, but I have been feeling better...God bless you.
It is my passion to help others understand themselves in order to live their life to the fullest by pursuing the dreams that always pull at their heartstrings. Every moment we have the choice to act, feel, think, and intend anything our hearts desire. 
The journey inward is the most challenging and rewarding experience I could have ever imagined. Through my own self-exploration and independent studies, I have been helping others find inner peace and understanding since 2011.
​I empower others through beginner and advanced mindfulness practices. Teaching others how to manage their own unique and wild mind is the greatest tool I can offer. 
Andrew Radja
Spiritual Guide &
  If you want to tap into a deeper part of yourself, Andrew is a great person that can guide you there and better understand that part of you that you never knew existed.
Marilou Saxton
My personal mission statement is “To learn, heal, and grow spiritually and help others to do the same” according to their own personal paths. With 15 years of training and experience as an Intuitive Life Coach, I can help you manifest and create the thoughts and actions that will bring you close to your goals and dreams. 
How can I help you re-work the formula of your life?
What are the factors in your life design?
What do you have to work with?
Get in touch with your soul purpose and personal divinity now, through my spiritual development classes and private sessions. Modalities include a blend of angel cards, runes stones, destiny cards, channel automatic writing, essential oils, spiritual mentoring, enrichment and individual resource.
If you're true to yourself, your world will be true.
Intuitive Life Coach
  After every session, I leave feeling renewed and confident in my life's direction. Her insights into the romantic women in my life have been vital to my growth and hilariously accurate.
 I am an energy body practitioner and utilize crystals, stones, reiki, dowsing tools and tuning forks to design a customized session for your specific energy. I am extensively trained on various energetic healing methods but first and foremost a modern-day shaman capable of integrating the ancient with the modern and the physical with the spiritual.  In all my sessions, the client's energy field is cleansed in order to prepare the body for it's healthful restoration. In addition, the seven main chakras (energy centers) of the body are balanced and energy blockages are defused. 
Studies have shown that energy-based therapies help to decrease anxiety, depression, and enhance moods. The physical benefits include slower breathing and heart rates, lower blood pressure and relaxation. Deep inner peace and an improved sense of well being is the description used by clients to describe the results of an energy based session.
Maritza Marrero
Energy Body Worker
  Maritza has a very special gift. I have experienced a phenomenal sense of balance and positive energy after each session. I encourage everyone to try at least one session with her.